The Poetry Challenge

How to take part in 7 easy steps:

1. Choose a poem and learn it by heart. This can be any style of poem, including one you have written yourself, a rap, or a poem with a tune.

2. Download a sponsorship form and collect sponsorship pledges.

3. Come to the event on the day and bring with you a copy of the poem you are reciting. A prompter will be there to assist you if you get stuck. Also bring your sponsorship form to show how much money you have raised.


4. On arrival fill in an entry form which will ask for the title of your poem, the name of the charity or project you are raising money for, and how much you have been pledged. Hand this form to the person who collects them to book your place in the running order.

5. The compere will call you to recite.

6. At the end of your recital you will be given a signed certificate to show you have successfully completed your recital.

7. Collect your sponsorship money and send it to the charity or project of your choice.

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