History of The Poetry Challenge

The Poetry Challenge was set up by Nicholas Albery in 1995 as an annual fund raising event, held on the first Sunday in October.


Nicholas was a social inventor, an activist, author and private poet, a founder of charities and editor over 50 books, including the best selling Poem for the Day Book. He learnt a poem every day. He was also an inspirer and mentor to children and adults, friends, family and fleeting acquaintances. He loved poetry and encouraged learning it by heart. 


The Poetry Challenge was the means by which he was able to raise funds for his charities and helping other people to do the same. The royalties of the Poem for the Day book support the Natural Death Centre, a charity he founded with his wife, Josefine Speyer. Nicholas died in a car accident in 2001.


The Poetry Challenge continues to be held in memory of Nicholas Albery and to support the Natural Death Centre charity.


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Photography: Josefine Speyer