The Poetry Challenge - a lively and highly entertaining annual event

Photography: Josefine Speyer

The Poetry Challenge gives people of all ages an opportunity to recite a poem by heart for a charity of their choice or – alternatively - to listen as an attentive audience.

Teas, homemade cakes and live music will add to the delight of the afternoon.

The event is run by volunteers for the joy of keeping the annual Poetry Challenge alive and to offer an alternative to sponsored 'sweat and muscle' events. Come and join in!

If you would like to attend, please •  download a Sponsorship Form (see below) •  look up How to Take Part in 7 easy Steps


Poetry Challenges can happen anywhere!


If you wish to organise your own poetry challenge in your school, your community, your place of work you can download a poster, sponsorship form and certificate here:

And: Please do let the organisers know what you are planning and how it all went. We would love to know.

Photography: Josefine Speyer

Feedback from participants:

“The Poetry Challenge is a wonderful social invention and as a fundraiser for my charity very effective. People realise what a brave thing reciting from memory is, and sponsor generously!  But it works on more levels than that.  The whole convivial process of sharing wonderful (and also not-so-wonderful) poetry is very enriching and great fun.”


"I first did the Poetry Challenge when I was 8 years old. I tremendously enjoyed the whole experience. The atmosphere is incredibly friendly and I think it is a rewarding and important experience for young people.  Introducing them to the nuances of poetry (better understood, I believe, when recited from memory), inspiring confidence to speak in front of an audience and challenging their comfort zone in a relaxed and informal way.  I look forward to many, many more."


Photography: Jeremy Shapiro


Photography: Jeremy Shapiro